Coach Resume-Xining He

Coach Xining He (Nancy He) is one of the head coach in Advance Martial
Art Academy. She had trained in Chinese Martial Arts from the the age of
6. With the long-time training programs, she has become one of the leading female Chinese Wushu athlete in the areas of empty-hand forms, broad sword, straight sword, spear, staff, fighting-set forms, traditional forms, Shaolin, Taichi, and women self-defense. She has also been winning numerous titles in World Championships and China National Wushu Championships.

XiNing He is currently a member of the China Wushu Association and a certified American Wushu Jude in United States. She received three gold medals in Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in 2012. With her well-known reputation,
she was invited to be a head judge at International Los Angeles Martial Arts Tournament in the same year. She has taught and performed demonstrations

in Japan, Poland, German, and United States with her great experience. XiNing He is committed to provide with the best Wushu programs possible to Advance Martial Arts Academy.

Athletic Achievements

2004-2006 China Provincial Wushu Sports Games (of Hebei ) Compulsory form, Long fist, staff, broad sword Champion

2007 The 8th All China University Games Women Duilian (Dual Events) Champion

2007  The 8th National Traditional Games of China Wushu Duilian Champion

2008  All China Wushu Taolu Tournament Long fist and Duilian Champion

2008  6th China Wushu Competition Sword and Duilian Champions

2009  All China Wushu Championship Group event, long fist, Spear, Duilian 

2010  Head Coach and Judge of Poland National Wushu Team

2011  The 8th Grand International Wushu Festival Women Short Weapon 

2012  The 20th Chinese Martial Arts Tournament(CMAT) Taiji 24 Yang Style, 
Internal Taiji Form, Nandu Long fist Champion

2012 The 3rd International Los Angeles Martial Arts Tournament Judge



6歲習武,從事專業武術運動17餘年。精通中國武術長拳,刀,槍,劍, 棍,對練,傳統拳、少林拳,太極拳,女子防身術。


國際武術比賽冠軍,8項全國冠軍,中國武術協會會員,中國一級運動 員,中國武術六段,全美武术比赛裁判。曾出訪日本、波蘭、德國等多個 國家進行武術指導,並于2010年至2011年擔任波蘭國家武術隊主教練, 授課經驗豐富。


2004年-2006年兩屆省運動會冠軍,規定拳術冠軍、自選刀術冠軍、棍術冠軍、女子長拳冠軍。 2007年 第八屆全國大學生運動會武術比賽女子對練冠軍。
2007年 第八屆全國少數民族武術比賽三人對練冠軍。
2008年 全國武術套路錦標賽女子對練冠軍、長拳冠軍。

2008年 第六屆全國農運會劍術冠軍、女子對練冠軍。
2009年 全國武術錦標賽團體項目冠軍、女子對練冠軍、長拳冠軍、槍術冠軍。 2010年 擔任波蘭國家隊武術教練,波蘭武術協會競技武術比賽裁判。
2011年 第八屆國際武術節女子短器械冠軍。
2012年 第20屆中國武術比賽太極拳冠軍、太極扇冠軍、女子長拳冠軍。 2012年 第三屆洛杉磯國際武術比賽裁判員。