About Us 

Exhilarating in nature and colorful in tradition, Kungfu(Wushu) is one of the most visually appealing sports today. Made popular by action films such as ‘Hero’ and ‘Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon’, Kungfu(Wushu) is an International sport practiced by the action stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Advance Martial Arts Academy is the LA District's premiere Chinese martial arts training facility!

Whether you're interested in learning the power and grace of Kungfu(Wushu) Forms, the spiritual and health benefits of Tai Chi, the techniques and aerobic dynamic of Chinese Kickboxing (San Da) or just getting in the best shape of your life, Advance Martial Arts Academy is the place for you.

Our Kungfu(Wushu) program is designed for children, youth and adults looking for a challenge in physical precision with a long-term approach to excellence. There are 7 levels in Advance Martial Arts Academy Kungfu(Wushu) curriculums that each level has it specific content, you can see your child’s big improvement and achievement after they pass to the next level. Our Competition Team Program incorporates specific content dictated by the standards of the Advance Martial Arts, and International Wushu Federation.

Advance Martial Arts is opened 6 days a week at our Rowland Heights location. Operates Tuesday through Sunday and scheduled classes for students of all ages at all levels of proficiency, from complete beginners seeking ways to improve their health, get more stronger, to advanced students seeking competition-level instruction, you can get medals in the Martial Arts Tournament.

Students at the Advance Martial Arts Academy pay a monthly fee which entitles them to attend appropriate-level classes as frequently as they wish. We recommend that students attend at least two classes per week in order to keep up with instruction. Discounted fees are available for prepaid and families.